The "Zoo"

Lila- the Boxer
Lila, our almost-6-year-old boxer is the absolute best dog ever!  Best disposition, she trained herself, and just wants to be part of our family.  A bit of a gas problem sometimes, but we'll overlook that...unless she gets near me when she does it.   Anyways, best pet ever...she even gives hugs. 

"What are you looking at, punk?"

Max- the Lab Mutt
And then there's Max...hilarious, lazy, not-even-a-year-old-hoarder-dog Max.  Our neighbors left Max and over 20 other animals for dead when they got evicted out of their home that they hoarded animals and all kinds of junk!  We got homes for the goats (who were found in the bathroom), ducks, snake, turtles, chickens, roosters, birds, and more dogs.  We kept Max.  Look how cute he was!
And here he is only a mere 8 months later!

"Yes? Can I help you?"
Stripey the Cat

Stripey was 1 of 2 stray kittens that would let us near them several years ago.  There seems to be a lot of non-snipped feline friends around here, and they love makin' babies.  So we took 2 in as indoor/outdoor cats...they LOVE being outdoors but love being inside almost just as much.  Plus bonus for litterbox!  And our cats don't make babies...they're snipped.   Something happened about a year and 1/2 ago to the other cat, and we haven't seen him since.  :(
But we love our sweet Stripey who tolerates the kids, the dogs, and who loves to climb in bed with me every night.  Oh, and I'm highly allergic to cats...and bunnies...and all animals but short-haired dogs and horses. Scratch, scratch.  As long as he's happy, though.

"Can I get a push??"

Copper the Bunny
"Can I have a carrot?  Pretty please?!?"

Here's yet another rescue animal...he belonged to the neighbors, then belonged to another set of neighbors, and they couldn't/didn't want to keep him so who ends up with him?  You guessed it. 
He's a sweet bunny, very friendly, loves to eat all kinds of goodies, & gets to run around in his deluxe rabbit cage that Mark built.  

Hobbler- (aka Hobbsy) the newest bunny member

"If I'm not looking at them, they can't see me. "

So, not a rescue, but a Christmas present this year for the kids...well, actually for myself.  I was in need of a new BABY...and this will do for now. :)
He is the SWEETEST bunny ever, and loves to be held and petted.  Had a broken leg (2 days after we got him he got spooked and hit his leg on the door trim...BROKE IT!) but I had him all splinted up and now his leg is even stronger than before.  Should've been a vet. :)




We've had Knockers for 10 years now and he's still kickin' it!  He and his pal, Bonzai, love to hang together on the same branch.  They have a huge aviary that Mark rebuilt and love to scream and chirp as loud as they can every Saturday morning while I'm trying to just sleep a little.

We have a hamster & fish too, but no pics of them.

Sooo, here in the Acworth animal kingdom...I'm their gal.  They just know.  They find me wherever I'm at.  It started before I was married and lived with my mom near good ol' Hwy 92, where anyone and everyone would dump their dogs...and I would have to find them a home.  Then I move down the road...and every cat, dog, squirrel, chipmunk, bird, and mole (even though the mole bit me when trying to help) that needs help finds me.  I like it though.  Started studying to become a licensed wildlife rehabber, and can't wait for all the babies to start being born in the spring.
Here's a few pictures of some of the babies...

No, this is not a squirrel...a baby bunny.

Just kidding on the last one!  But these meerkats sure make some cute animals!
Can't find the pics of the chipmunks, but had a few of those.  They're pretty cute.

We'll see what finds its way over here this spring....I'm open to foxes this year. :)