The Family

"The Kids"
Yep, I think they're pretty cute.

Addison Michael

Here's my GQ 9-year-old, Addison. This kid is great.  He will be the one who takes over his daddy's business I'm sure...he LOVES to fix things, figure things out, build crazy stuff, start his own little businesses, and he's one of the most coordinated kids I've ever seen for his age.  He taught himself in a matter of 2 minutes to ride a bike with no training wheels at age 4, and hasn't looked back.  He's moved on & mastered 4-wheelers, motorcycles (yeah, little 5 year old on a motorcycle...cute, but scary), skateboards, and is now about to take a shot at guitar.  This kid can do anything he sets his mind to...and he's pretty sweet and takes care of his siblings.

Avery Jay

My little 6 year old...he is the sweetest and LOVES his animals.  This kid can also do anything he sets his mind to...after he assesses the situation.  :)  He taught himself at age 3 1/2 to ride a 2-wheeler...had to one-up his brother. He gets the best of both worlds by getting to dive in and play with his older brother, but still able to get down on his little sister's level and enjoy playing with her too.  He loves school and is reading like crazy.  And his "cow-lick" (don't know how to spell the real word) in his hair is just so cute and funny. 

Arden Kate

Ummm, yeah, she's a complete ham.  My 4 year old Arden.  Loves to take pictures, loves to dance, sing, and learn all the moves to the teeny bopper videos on TV.  She's become a bit sassy in her later days, and loves to put her hand on her hip and toss her head back and forth while telling us something.  She's Momma's Helper during the day while the boys are at school, and LOVES playing with her dollies, Barbies, fairies, and all her many friends.

More about husband, myself, and other family peeps coming soon. :)