Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to a Ridiculous Mutt Called "Max"

Ohh, sweet Maxy-boy.  He is definitely a ridiculous a good and funny way.  He has brought a bunch of laughs our way for the last 10 months. 

How could someone just leave this poor boy to die?  Well, someone's where he lived before...pretty bad.

Hoarder's backyard

This was the water for 20 animals to drink...including other dogs, goats, chickens, ducks

Here he is with Layla and Evelyn (Layla is now with our neighbor friend Stephanie
and Evelyn is with my friend Hanna)

Scary huh?

But he gained a pretty nice life over here at the Bankston house. 
Here's a few things about Max...

He's not so fond of bathtime...even still. My husband has to pick him up for me to give him a bath...he kicks and screams...well, just kicks.

He loves to dream about all the ladies, he yells and chases after them...all the while asleep. And I'm not lying when I say as I'm typing this post he just attacked someone in his dream! He about bit that guy's head off...whoever that guy may be...or cat.  

He loves to jump on the trampoline...

He now also loves to jump through the windows to get inside.

He loves to walk verrrrrry slow in front of the cat and pretend he's not going to try anything...because he's juuuuussssttttt going to get a drink...and then POUNCE! Just enough to make the cat run!  

He opens the door by himself to get out and romp around with the other neighborhood dogs. He's very popular at school. (Note: the other dog is the one that was at the hoarder's house with him) 

(This is my brother and sister-n-law)
Sometimes Max and his sister and cousins (3 boxers, 1 ours and 2 my brother's) like to chase deer in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains...but somehow he's the only one who sends us on a 6 hour adventure to find him during the freezing cold.

He likes to "relax" when he eats...

He takes treats from Mom, Dad, but you tell him his treat is from the Dogcatcher??? He won't eat those treats.

Sometimes Barbies are his treats...

Not sure of the exact date this month, but Happy Birthday Max! You're a ridiculously funny mutt, and we're glad to call you ours!