Thursday, February 17, 2011

Newell Post Mini Purse/ Hat Rack

I'm really bad about taking BEFORE shots, but I'm sure you can figure out what it used to look like.  It was just a dark stain color with rods sticking out all over it.  I was at this awesome junkyard and dug it out from under a truckbed camper.  I had to chop the rods off, fill in the holes it left with bondo, sand the bondo & post itself, painted, & distressed it.
I added 4 double hooks all the way around and put a stabilizer board on the bottom with felt pads.  It's a cute, quirky, spin on what a big coat rack might be...except it's short...and fancier...and prettier...
I posted it and it sold within hours.  Was kinda hoping no one would buy it so I could keep it...but I tend to do that with everything that I make or find.  Pack rat, you say??  But while it waits for its new owner to pick it up, it sits ever so pretty by my front door.