Monday, February 14, 2011

Fun with Foamboard- DIY Wall Art for around $10

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So I had this space over my daughter's bed that we had framed in and placed fabric on several years ago.  I had 3 metal baskets with glass flowers out of them all along was really cute, but it was time for a change.
I really wanted to use what I had, so this is what I came up with...

If you didn't have any of these materials on hand, this project would still only run you around$10-15.
You can make pretty much any shapes, characters, or objects that you want...if you screw up it won't be hard to start over. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pictures as I was doing this, so hopefully you can understand from the written directions. :(

*white foamboard (get at local craft store- Hobby Lobby is the cheapest) Can also be done with heavy duty cardboard from recycled boxes, etc.
*Exacto knife...Slanted razor blade with handle (can get at Lowe's or Home Depot for a couple bucks)
*Fabric (scraps will do, or 1/2 yard burlap for branches)
*paint (use what you have around house or get some acrylic paint at the craft store)
*hot glue gun & glue sticks

1-Find a picture of the character or object you want to draw.  Print it off and trace or just eyeball it (draw by hand) onto the foamboard or cardboard. 
2- Cut it out using the exacto knife.
3- Gather paints & fabrics and determine what colors and patterns go on which cutouts.
4- Paint any areas need painting...fabric will be placed on last.
5- Let the paint dry.
6- Cut out fabric where it has enough leftover to go around all edges of each object that it will be covering. 
7-Hot glue the fabric lightly onto the front of the object, then fold it over the edges and glue onto the back for better hold.
8- Add anything that would make it more whimsical or lifelike, such as buttons, ribbons, jewels, etc.
9- The frame and fabric on this wall was already here, so I just hot glued it to it...but if you're dealing with a blank wall you can hot glue sawtooth hangers on the back of each piece and place them on a nail, or you can even use a large canvas or wood piece and glue them on there...then hang the 1 item on the wall.

Options are endless...have fun!!! 
I'll post the pictures of Arden's bedroom makeover soon...gotta get the new curtains done. 
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Before & After- Little Black Chair

Some of you may have seen this before in my Facebook album, but I wanted to start posting a couple times a week some of the many projects we have done over the last couple years...and here's a small one for starters. 
You don't even wanna know where I got this chair.  Well, ok, maybe you do.  From a hoarder's house.  A hoarder who lived behind us and got evicted.  All the stuff was put out in the yard, and all us neighborhood vultures were there waiting. :)  This chair was in the mix...and I snatched it!  Ugly, gross, scratched up, but complete potential.


So I threw out the old seat cushion, got a whole new cushion and fabric, along with some paint & my sander, and I was on my way to a new good lookin' hoarder's chair.  Oh, and also doused it with bleach!
Fell in love with this fabric, I love the repetition and the little bit of a silver sheen on some of the "flowers." 
Here's how it turned out. 


My pretty little black chair.  And yes, my sidewalk needs pressure-washing.
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