Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Cute Little Refinished Goodwill Table

Found this at Goodwill...had all intentions of refinishing it then selling it.  All the way til the last step I had intentions of selling it, for real.  But then it was all dry and sitting there waiting for its little photo shoot...and I just fell in love with it. 



Here she is with my living room pillows.  Yep, I think she stays.

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Playhouse in Progress & Contest Winner

So I thought I'd keep everyone updated on the playhouse...since I'm sure you've all been bitin' at the bit and wondering day in and day out about what it looks like now.  Ok, maybe not, but I'm still gonna show you what it looks like now.  Mark worked on it some this weekend, and it's actually coming to life.  Better hurry and get my plan going for the inside.  We know she wants PINK, so do I wanna go with soft sweet pinks and creams or fun pinks and brighter colors?  Don't know.  I'll go back and forth and back and forth and then change my mind 6 times in between the back and forths, then I'll get it done only to be dissatisfied with it 6 months later and will change it all over again ...if you know me, you know of this to be true.
Here's a few progression pictures...we'll keep posting as he keeps building.

Here's where it's at now...the shingles are on, 2 exterior walls are placed, and inserts for doors and windows are done.  He'll be working on it this weekend so I'm sure there will be more to post soon.

Recycled & Repurposed Contest Winner

Erin's Attic Facebook peeps participated in a contest a couple weeks ago...there were several entries and they were all great!  But the biggest and most "commented on" entry was one sent in by Shai Ford.  An awesome walk-in greenhouse built from recycled windows!  The owner of the greenhouse gave some details as to how this project came she is in her own words...

"It all started out innocently enough. Shai found a post on local site for "free windows...lots of them...first come first serve" and called me asking if i had time to go get her a couple for projects. Of course i wanted a couple as well and messaged the person and got directions. The thing was i took my husband Jerome with me and seeing how he loves to collect stuff and we have four sheds to prove it that was not smart on my part...ha.
I picked out four windows small enough with little panes for my uses and he just kept piling them in the back of my truck till he had the entire bed and the truck box and even the back seat full. (another pcommer showed up while we were loading and yelled "dont take them all!!" and looked rather miffed but oh well).
He didnt tell me what he had planned but the next day, Sunday, he was out there bright and early with his boom box and saws and drills just making all kinds of noise. Yes, it literally went up in ONE DAY...with the exception of the shelving indoors and the potting bench i already had and the mulch floor. That had to wait till the next weekend when he brought home more wood leftover scraps and such from work
So, thats how the greenhouse came to be. Its mostly for starting my seedlings but some very hardy house plants are doing quite well even though its been a cold winter. He recently brought home some older model solar panels to figure out a way to generate more heat next winter since he hates all the plants taking up space inside the house..ha. We shall see if he figures out how to utilize those but jumpstarting my veggie garden is just a real big deal to me and i cant wait!!"
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