Monday, January 24, 2011

Home Talk

Lots of things I wanted to post about, so I'll just post 'em all on 1 post...because I like to consolidate. :)

Look who's gettin' a playhouse!

Soooo, the little girl's gettin' a playhouse! We've been talking about building our little girl a playhouse for years now (she's only 4), and the boys have their treehouse, so Mark decided it was time. He has put together a design...he gets to design the outside...I design the inside. That's how it works folks. Love it! Gonna post photos as he gets closer to getting it done. And, yep, he's for hire. :)

Spoon Rest without the mess!And here's the coolest new gadget I got from a kitchen store in Blue Ridge.  Don't mind the bent pan and the raw meat.  But after stirring meat with my spoons, I hate putting them back on the counter or a spoon rest (because I then have to wash it).  Pretty cool, huh?

Hairbow Frames

Yesterday I had a friend, along with HER friend, over and showed them how to make the cute hairbow frame like I made my daughter last week.  This is how theirs turned out.  Cute, and good job, especially since one of them had never used a glue gun!

"Make & Take" Gal's Night

I'll be on the hunt for some more fabrics and frames this week, so sign up no later than this Friday if you want to come over for the Make & TAke Gals' Night at my house on Thursday, Feb. 3 at 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  $16 and I supply everything, must RSVP and prepay, invite a friend or 5, and come make one...and take one home! Email me at or check out the Event page on my Erin's Attic Facebook page.!/event.php?eid=127859603947798

New Instock Windows

Been doing a lot of custom window orders lately, so it's time for a few new INSTOCK windows...taking suggestions on what you'd like to see more of?  Jewelry display, photo windows, mirrors, designs, etc.?

Give me your thoughts! 
See the full gallery of windows on

This Week's Before and After

This piece is from Daley Drury Miller, who got this piece for her daughter's room. 
She, her sister, and mother all painted and refinished it and this if how it came out...
Send your before & after photos, big & small, to  Would love to feature them on the blog.

Nursery Theme Windows

Need a baby shower gift??  Or a unique design for your nursery?
I can match any nursery theme...

New Shopfront on FacebookTrying a new shopfront on Facebook...this allows the customer to see everything that's available for immediate sale, you can place it in your cart, and buy it right there.  If you don't have a Paypal, you can still just let me know what you want, and I'll take it off of the store page.  But thought it'd be easier to see what all is instock rather than you having to flip through and find it.  On my business page, there's an arrow at the end of all the tabs (Wall, Info, Photos, Links, Discussions, >>), click on it, and "shop now" will come up.  Not so much on it at the moment, but there's new stuff coming.

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