Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A giveaway! Not quite as big as Oprah's, though.

$20 gift certificate from Erin's Attic! 
Sooo, it's time to branch out a little bit and really put forth some effort in "this whole blog thing."  If you read my first post ever, you know I don't like to write...shoot, I don't like to read all that much either.  That's right, I said it, I like my magazine pictures and that's good enough for me. 

So, I thought to put a jumpstart on "this whole blog thing" (my husband hates the word "blog" by the way, can't say I really blame him) what better than to start with a good ol' pile of money?!?  Well, in-store credit really. :)
So, here's the scoop for the giveaway...

*Unlimited amount of times you can enter.
*$20 gift certificate is good towards most Erin's Attic items (if not included it will say so on the picture).  Good towards all custom, pillows, frames, hoops, jewelry, etc.
*Deadline is January 20, 2011 and winner will be announced on Friday, Jan. 22
Ways to enter:
*Become a follower on this Erin's Attic blog
*Comment on this blog or any blog post throughout this week.
*Suggest Erin's Attic Facebook page or blog to friends (let me know you did so I know to enter your name)
*Post this blog on your Facebook profile (let me know you did)
*Give a shout out on your own blog or website (again, let me know so you can get counted)
NOTE:  If you have done any of these in the last week, I will count you in.

Just know before-hand that I appreciate it a bunch!  There will definitely be more giveaways with all kinds of new "fun" ways to enter throughout the next month, so stay tuned...