Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow and Sleigh Rides

OK, so maybe not a sleigh...but 4-wheelers will work just as well! Snow has fallen here in Atlanta and at our house it's 5 1/2" thick. Unfortunately we don't get to see this much snow that often, but at the rate it's going I'm thinking I should invest in a good pair of coveralls for myself!
So before any of us could really wake up, the neighborhood kids were over here pulling my kids out of bed and OFF THEY WENT! My husband, Mark, went straight out and fired up the four wheelers and motorcycles, along with the rest of our neighbors. Yep, we live in a 4-wheelin', wood choppin', dunebuggy kind of community. :)
They were out until 5:00 last night, and are up and at 'em again this morning. I did take a few turns today with the sled...even while the kids weren't around. :)

Happy Sledding Y'all!!

My oldest, Addison, on his 4-wheeler.

Our boxer, Lila, loves to eat the snow!

My mom & I taking a spin on the 4-wheelers.  I'm driving- look out!  Possible that I might've crashed one before. :)

My boys, Addison & Avery, and their neighbor friends, just posin'.

My sweet girl, Arden, who also has a yucky cold...but we can't miss out on the snow!

Max, our other dog, pullin' up in the "drive-thru" for a quick pet.