Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NEW FOR 2011

So the Christmas break was wonderful!  We enjoyed time with our family, Santa was good to the kids, and we enjoyed the snow both here in Acworth and up in the Blue Ridge mountains.  Today the boys went back to school, and Arden goes back to her dance class.  Mark is gone to work, the house is clean, and so I guess that means it's time for me to get back to it. 
I have all kinds of new ideas up my sleeve, and can't wait to get started on all of it.  As I get new things out, I'll post them, but here's a few new things for 2011 that have been waiting for their "debut" :).


How perfect are these?!?  Hang your earrings in the ribbon slots, bracelets and small necklaces on the small hooks, and longer necklaces or scarves on the big hooks. 

I'm also making one for my daughter's hairbows and accessories...they can really be used to hold many different things!


So, over Christmas break I got a request to try out a faux stained glass piece...and I took the challenge.  It was actually pretty fun, so I figure I'll try them out on some windows soon as well with different designs.  This order was done on just the glass alone that was custom cut to fit their already-existing bathroom window.  They wanted a way for the light to still come through, but block any potential stalkers (ok, they didn't say stalkers :)) from getting a full view of them. 


Send me your photos, I'll artistically edit them in some form (many effects to choose from), and put them in a window for display.  These are my brother's dogs (we're all boxer lovers) in which he is obsessed with...:)  I took basic pictures, cropped and edited them with a few different effects and voila!  They look like really cool ink sketches!  He and my sister-n-law were so happy when they opened their present on Christmas! 


So I've done several of these already, but they're worth mentioning again since they're just so cute.  Any size, any saying, any color.


Since I'm always on the lookout and gaining more knowledge about antiques, vintage items, recycled items, and just dadgum good sales, I have been picking up a few things along the way and will have them available on the website and Facebook.  If I find a good deal, I'll pass it right on to you.  There's not much better than the feeling of knowing you got a good deal on something.  It may be something really old, maybe something new that I couldn't pass up on the price...ya never know what I'll find.  So stay on the lookout for some bargains.


Ever since my kids were little I stopped buying the studio portraits and started taking the pictures myself.  I felt I could better capture who my kids were as well as have some much better-lookin' backgrounds from nature.  Since starting with my kids, I've been asked many times to take pictures of other kids and families throughout the years, adding to my "portfolio" that I didn't know I was gonna need.  Since I love doing it, and have been doing it I figured why not add one more thing to the list of services from Erin's Attic. :)  To see other pictures, go to the Facebook album "Family & Kids Photography" where I put a gallery up.  If at any point this year you want some pictures done, I now have sessions available starting at $35 for 30 minutes and a CD with rights to the pictures and they go up from there depending on your family's needs.

So, there's just a few new things for 2011 that were already in the makings in December.  Can't wait to dive into the new year with lots more things to come...so keep your eye out.  Suggestions are always wanted as well!

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