Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ways I Save Money: Personal Care Savings

As a mom of 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 rabbits, 2 birds, 1 hamster, 5 fish, and an open pet hotel for any needy wildlife, I need all the extra money I can get.  I have always been a thrifty gal, but the last few years I have gotten a good way. 
I'm always getting asked how I save so much and what my "secrets" are.  So I thought I'd start posting a little at a time and share some of these ways with you.  They're not really secrets, lots of people do these things, it's just that I combine them all and to get the maximum savings.  So even if you come away with 1 new way to save, that's all good.  And if you have any "secrets" you'd like to add, I would LOVE to hear them as well.

Today's Savings Tips:  Personal Care Savings (clothes, "grooming", keeping clean)

*Collect coupons for handsoaps, deodorants, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. I watch for the sales and combine the coupons, then stock up and usually get these items for near to nothing or free.

*I don't buy the high-priced shampoos/conditioners. Suave works just fine, thanks...and sometimes I can get some good coupons.


*I cut each of the kids' hair, as well as my husband's.  Pretty simple time you take them to the salon or barber, watch how they do it...and I'm sure there's some online how-tos out there as well.

*I only get my hair cut twice a year.  Now that may seem extreme for some of y'all, but I have long hair and it can go that long between cuts. 

*I highlight my own hair, in which I buy the highlights with a coupon and while it's on little money out of pocket. My hair stylist says I do an awesome job, so I'll keep on. Although it really needs to happen again soon...

Haha, no worries, these aren't my toes...
can you imagine getting your shoes on?!?

*Although I know it's a great treat, ladies, but I do not get constant pedicures/manicures.  First off, I bite my nails, so manicures are a cinch...:)  But I DON'T bite my toenails (I do, however cut them, unlike this lady to the left)... so I get them done once at the beginning of sandal season and then I do them myself throughout the spring and summer.  I forget about it during fall and winter...

*Razors...people seem to throw away their razors before needed.  If you wipe and dry the razor blade off immediately after using and store it where it will stay dry, it will stay good for up to a year.  So quit buying all those razors.

*This one's TMI, but unless I've been doing some grunge work or dancing and unless the kids have been playing outside, we take a shower/bath every other night.  It's actually good for your skin and hair not to wash it every single I go with that.  We save on water, soap, & shampoos.

*I don't buy bubble bath for the kids...this can get expensive if you do it all the time, plus one of my kids has sensitive skin.  They'll have plenty of fun without it, and if you must do it then you could do it every other time and cut down.

*I make my own laundry detergent.  It's better for the environment, much cheaper, and works great if not better.  Click here for good recipes...

*Speaking of laundry, I do not use fabric softener sheets.  For 1, they cost money... and 2- I've heard they aren't that great for your clothes anyways.  Yeah, there may be a little static every now and again...but I can handle that.

*We use towels twice, wear pajamas twice, and wear jeans twice (unless dirty)...and we still have tons of laundry.

*Make-up- I don't buy expensive makeups unless there's something specific, like concealer or foundation, that just works much better.  But everything else I find with coupons and am not brand specific.

Next post will be about savings on home decor and house cleaning.  Stay tuned.


  1. Erin, great post! I know a ton of women who make their own laundry soap and I agree with you on many points here! I don't wash my hair every day either, every other day yes. Jeans...I wear them a few times before washing as with all other pants. Shirts/undies/socks get washed after one wear. However if a shirt is a sweater I'll wear it more than once, and if I only wore a shirt for say 2-3 hrs...its not dirty. I also use my razor for a really long time...I think guys need to change them out more often if they have very coarse hair, but that's to be expected. I invested in a steam mop vs using the swiffers or mops that need replacement sponges. One-more sanitary and Two- You just need water and you can wash the part you mop with over and over and over. Easy!

    Anyway, I think its great that you posted this. We all look for ways to save and there are so many ways right under our noses that we don't even think of! :)

  2. Erin thank you for sharing! I find that I do some of your tips and appreciate the new ones! I can't wait for the next Tip Saver!