Monday, February 14, 2011

Before & After- Little Black Chair

Some of you may have seen this before in my Facebook album, but I wanted to start posting a couple times a week some of the many projects we have done over the last couple years...and here's a small one for starters. 
You don't even wanna know where I got this chair.  Well, ok, maybe you do.  From a hoarder's house.  A hoarder who lived behind us and got evicted.  All the stuff was put out in the yard, and all us neighborhood vultures were there waiting. :)  This chair was in the mix...and I snatched it!  Ugly, gross, scratched up, but complete potential.


So I threw out the old seat cushion, got a whole new cushion and fabric, along with some paint & my sander, and I was on my way to a new good lookin' hoarder's chair.  Oh, and also doused it with bleach!
Fell in love with this fabric, I love the repetition and the little bit of a silver sheen on some of the "flowers." 
Here's how it turned out. 


My pretty little black chair.  And yes, my sidewalk needs pressure-washing.
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  1. What a neat chair! Love it in black (and I love that fabric).