Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage-Style Boys' Bedroom Makeover

Here's a tour of my boys' bedroom makeover. 

The walls were the red color (like the "brick" jut-out) and I just felt they needed to be lightened up a bit.  One boy wanted BLUE and one boy wanted BROWN, so I painted the walls a lighter blue and stained the shelves and wall unit a dark brown mohagany. The bunkbeds came down (for now) and I painted a "brick wall" where the wall comes out...pretty easy since the wall was already red to begin with and I just made lines. 

My 2 boys are quite the outdoorsy type....  They love camping, hiking, riding bikes, motorcycles, old cars, climbing, skateboarding, swimming, etc., etc.  We wanted to incorporate this feel into the room...and I think we accomplished that.  I got some plaid fabric and made curtains and kept their old comforters. 

I found an old frame and painted a gold "A" black. 

We had some old license plates and car parts, a vintage train, and other fun vintage-style pieces.  I didn't want the shelves just cluttered with vintage "stuff" everywhere, so I have only a couple "displays" that I methodically placed throughout the room...with the exception of this next picture. :)  Gonna figure something out with that old lunch pail...and tractor...and soldier's hat...and...

They keep all their toys in the custom toy cabinet that Mark built.  I wanted the look of barn doors.  If the toys don't fit in here, we pass them on!  We're a cluttery type, so if I don't put a limit on it, we'd be in trouble.  Also put 4 bulletin boards on the closet door because I'm not a fan of posters and stuff all over the walls, so they can put whatever they want in that one spot, and the rest of the room stay cute and orderly. 

Last year, I was searching for a small desk that was old.  I found this vintage desk for $10...that's right, $10, with the chair included!  SOLD!
Also, in the spring, I'm going to take "Interest Photos" of them that showcases everything they love at that time and put their photos up as well. 
I redid this room for $95, which includes paint, vintage items, curtains, wall hangings, desk, bulletin boards, & stain.  The toy unit, shelves, comforters and beds were already there.  I need one more different pattern or texture to tie in, whether it be pillows or a cool picture or something, and then I'll be done for real.  But for now, I've moved on to my girl's room and my own there'll be more to come soon. :)  We can't sit still around here.

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  1. Very nice..I'm currently working on a vintage room for boys too..I'm having a lot of fun refurbishing :)

  2. Such a fun boy bedroom! Very campy! If you decide to do the bunk beds again, you could paint a rustic, cabin-like fireplace on the brick wall. You obviously know how to paint! I love the cabinet your hubby built. You guys are the handiest family, for sure.

  3. This room looks great! I'm a new follower!

  4. Hey Erin, great room makeover. I love the vintage look of everything. Plus, everything is already beat up, and any new wear the boys bring to it, will only improve the aged look even more, brilliant!!!

    I'd love for you to link this up to my party girl, you might be featured on my blog for a whole week, if you make the top 10 :)

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    Bella :)