Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY Instructions- Bring Kids Art into your Living Space

A couple years ago, I needed something for this weird little spot at the end of the hallway that connected the kids' rooms...but I didn't want it so "kid-like".
BUT, I gave the kids some paint and here's what we came up with...

Somehow it turned out just as good as some of that the "art" with the "scribble scrabble" that the artist understands and can interpret...but you can't!  I'm not an art person, so probably totally offended someone just then. Oops. :)

This can be done with any age kid...even if you need to do a few of the steps first then let the real fun begin and let them loose. 
So here's what you do...
1) Find a wall space that needs to be filled
2) Gather up acrylic paints in the colors of your space...maybe even add 1 new "pop" color for fun.
3)Get 1 canvas (any size) per kid, or more if you want to make a bigger grouping.  Tip: Look at Hobby Lobby's website every week til they put their canvas' on sale...this happens usually every other week or so.  You can also do this on wood.
4)Start out with a base color (that is not the color of your walls) and have them paint it solid.  Let it dry.
5) Have them start applying layers...just know when to stop and let certain things dry so they don't all run together and make a "muddy color" mess (like one of my kids did one half their project).
**Use items that you have around your house...
   string- they dip it in paint and drag it around to make swirls and squiggles
   fork- dip it in paint and drag it through the other colors
   pipecleaners- dip it in paint and smack it down
   rags- give it a faux finish look
   fingers- we all know what kind of mess they can make with their fingers
   small paint brushes- dip it and fling it to make splatters
   cotton balls- give it a spongy look
   canned food- make circles
   Just look around and if it looks fun to use, use it.  If ya wanna get crazy and 3D, find old ticket stubs or     coins or newspaper or fabric swatches to weave in and out of the paint. 
6)To give it a uniformed look...paint a 1- 1 1/2" border around each canvas edge (use a ruler and straight edge to measure out).
7)Let it dry, and hang...voila!  Instant art...well not too instant, but not only do you have some pretty cool funky art hanging on your wall but you have something to treasure forever!  And the outcomes are endless!

Have them put their initials in the bottom corner like a true artist.
 Happy Painting!  And feel free to send me a picture when they're done.  Would love to see what they come up with!
Here they are hard at work.
Addison's (the oldest)

Avery's (the middle child)

Arden's (the youngest)
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