Monday, January 24, 2011

Home Talk

Lots of things I wanted to post about, so I'll just post 'em all on 1 post...because I like to consolidate. :)

Look who's gettin' a playhouse!

Soooo, the little girl's gettin' a playhouse! We've been talking about building our little girl a playhouse for years now (she's only 4), and the boys have their treehouse, so Mark decided it was time. He has put together a design...he gets to design the outside...I design the inside. That's how it works folks. Love it! Gonna post photos as he gets closer to getting it done. And, yep, he's for hire. :)

Spoon Rest without the mess!And here's the coolest new gadget I got from a kitchen store in Blue Ridge.  Don't mind the bent pan and the raw meat.  But after stirring meat with my spoons, I hate putting them back on the counter or a spoon rest (because I then have to wash it).  Pretty cool, huh?

Hairbow Frames

Yesterday I had a friend, along with HER friend, over and showed them how to make the cute hairbow frame like I made my daughter last week.  This is how theirs turned out.  Cute, and good job, especially since one of them had never used a glue gun!

"Make & Take" Gal's Night

I'll be on the hunt for some more fabrics and frames this week, so sign up no later than this Friday if you want to come over for the Make & TAke Gals' Night at my house on Thursday, Feb. 3 at 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  $16 and I supply everything, must RSVP and prepay, invite a friend or 5, and come make one...and take one home! Email me at or check out the Event page on my Erin's Attic Facebook page.!/event.php?eid=127859603947798

New Instock Windows

Been doing a lot of custom window orders lately, so it's time for a few new INSTOCK windows...taking suggestions on what you'd like to see more of?  Jewelry display, photo windows, mirrors, designs, etc.?

Give me your thoughts! 
See the full gallery of windows on

This Week's Before and After

This piece is from Daley Drury Miller, who got this piece for her daughter's room. 
She, her sister, and mother all painted and refinished it and this if how it came out...
Send your before & after photos, big & small, to  Would love to feature them on the blog.

Nursery Theme Windows

Need a baby shower gift??  Or a unique design for your nursery?
I can match any nursery theme...

New Shopfront on FacebookTrying a new shopfront on Facebook...this allows the customer to see everything that's available for immediate sale, you can place it in your cart, and buy it right there.  If you don't have a Paypal, you can still just let me know what you want, and I'll take it off of the store page.  But thought it'd be easier to see what all is instock rather than you having to flip through and find it.  On my business page, there's an arrow at the end of all the tabs (Wall, Info, Photos, Links, Discussions, >>), click on it, and "shop now" will come up.  Not so much on it at the moment, but there's new stuff coming.

Follow us on Facebook to get good deals, fun finds, see the latest from Erin's Attic, and participate in contests and home decor talk.!/pages/Erins-Attic-Treasures-Untold/254372969833
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage-Style Boys' Bedroom Makeover

Here's a tour of my boys' bedroom makeover. 

The walls were the red color (like the "brick" jut-out) and I just felt they needed to be lightened up a bit.  One boy wanted BLUE and one boy wanted BROWN, so I painted the walls a lighter blue and stained the shelves and wall unit a dark brown mohagany. The bunkbeds came down (for now) and I painted a "brick wall" where the wall comes out...pretty easy since the wall was already red to begin with and I just made lines. 

My 2 boys are quite the outdoorsy type....  They love camping, hiking, riding bikes, motorcycles, old cars, climbing, skateboarding, swimming, etc., etc.  We wanted to incorporate this feel into the room...and I think we accomplished that.  I got some plaid fabric and made curtains and kept their old comforters. 

I found an old frame and painted a gold "A" black. 

We had some old license plates and car parts, a vintage train, and other fun vintage-style pieces.  I didn't want the shelves just cluttered with vintage "stuff" everywhere, so I have only a couple "displays" that I methodically placed throughout the room...with the exception of this next picture. :)  Gonna figure something out with that old lunch pail...and tractor...and soldier's hat...and...

They keep all their toys in the custom toy cabinet that Mark built.  I wanted the look of barn doors.  If the toys don't fit in here, we pass them on!  We're a cluttery type, so if I don't put a limit on it, we'd be in trouble.  Also put 4 bulletin boards on the closet door because I'm not a fan of posters and stuff all over the walls, so they can put whatever they want in that one spot, and the rest of the room stay cute and orderly. 

Last year, I was searching for a small desk that was old.  I found this vintage desk for $10...that's right, $10, with the chair included!  SOLD!
Also, in the spring, I'm going to take "Interest Photos" of them that showcases everything they love at that time and put their photos up as well. 
I redid this room for $95, which includes paint, vintage items, curtains, wall hangings, desk, bulletin boards, & stain.  The toy unit, shelves, comforters and beds were already there.  I need one more different pattern or texture to tie in, whether it be pillows or a cool picture or something, and then I'll be done for real.  But for now, I've moved on to my girl's room and my own there'll be more to come soon. :)  We can't sit still around here.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY Instructions- Bring Kids Art into your Living Space

A couple years ago, I needed something for this weird little spot at the end of the hallway that connected the kids' rooms...but I didn't want it so "kid-like".
BUT, I gave the kids some paint and here's what we came up with...

Somehow it turned out just as good as some of that the "art" with the "scribble scrabble" that the artist understands and can interpret...but you can't!  I'm not an art person, so probably totally offended someone just then. Oops. :)

This can be done with any age kid...even if you need to do a few of the steps first then let the real fun begin and let them loose. 
So here's what you do...
1) Find a wall space that needs to be filled
2) Gather up acrylic paints in the colors of your space...maybe even add 1 new "pop" color for fun.
3)Get 1 canvas (any size) per kid, or more if you want to make a bigger grouping.  Tip: Look at Hobby Lobby's website every week til they put their canvas' on sale...this happens usually every other week or so.  You can also do this on wood.
4)Start out with a base color (that is not the color of your walls) and have them paint it solid.  Let it dry.
5) Have them start applying layers...just know when to stop and let certain things dry so they don't all run together and make a "muddy color" mess (like one of my kids did one half their project).
**Use items that you have around your house...
   string- they dip it in paint and drag it around to make swirls and squiggles
   fork- dip it in paint and drag it through the other colors
   pipecleaners- dip it in paint and smack it down
   rags- give it a faux finish look
   fingers- we all know what kind of mess they can make with their fingers
   small paint brushes- dip it and fling it to make splatters
   cotton balls- give it a spongy look
   canned food- make circles
   Just look around and if it looks fun to use, use it.  If ya wanna get crazy and 3D, find old ticket stubs or     coins or newspaper or fabric swatches to weave in and out of the paint. 
6)To give it a uniformed look...paint a 1- 1 1/2" border around each canvas edge (use a ruler and straight edge to measure out).
7)Let it dry, and hang...voila!  Instant art...well not too instant, but not only do you have some pretty cool funky art hanging on your wall but you have something to treasure forever!  And the outcomes are endless!

Have them put their initials in the bottom corner like a true artist.
 Happy Painting!  And feel free to send me a picture when they're done.  Would love to see what they come up with!
Here they are hard at work.
Addison's (the oldest)

Avery's (the middle child)

Arden's (the youngest)
   Don't forget the giveaway (see previous post), and check out the website as well...I've tweaked it a bit. :)
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A giveaway! Not quite as big as Oprah's, though.

$20 gift certificate from Erin's Attic! 
Sooo, it's time to branch out a little bit and really put forth some effort in "this whole blog thing."  If you read my first post ever, you know I don't like to write...shoot, I don't like to read all that much either.  That's right, I said it, I like my magazine pictures and that's good enough for me. 

So, I thought to put a jumpstart on "this whole blog thing" (my husband hates the word "blog" by the way, can't say I really blame him) what better than to start with a good ol' pile of money?!?  Well, in-store credit really. :)
So, here's the scoop for the giveaway...

*Unlimited amount of times you can enter.
*$20 gift certificate is good towards most Erin's Attic items (if not included it will say so on the picture).  Good towards all custom, pillows, frames, hoops, jewelry, etc.
*Deadline is January 20, 2011 and winner will be announced on Friday, Jan. 22
Ways to enter:
*Become a follower on this Erin's Attic blog
*Comment on this blog or any blog post throughout this week.
*Suggest Erin's Attic Facebook page or blog to friends (let me know you did so I know to enter your name)
*Post this blog on your Facebook profile (let me know you did)
*Give a shout out on your own blog or website (again, let me know so you can get counted)
NOTE:  If you have done any of these in the last week, I will count you in.

Just know before-hand that I appreciate it a bunch!  There will definitely be more giveaways with all kinds of new "fun" ways to enter throughout the next month, so stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow and Sleigh Rides

OK, so maybe not a sleigh...but 4-wheelers will work just as well! Snow has fallen here in Atlanta and at our house it's 5 1/2" thick. Unfortunately we don't get to see this much snow that often, but at the rate it's going I'm thinking I should invest in a good pair of coveralls for myself!
So before any of us could really wake up, the neighborhood kids were over here pulling my kids out of bed and OFF THEY WENT! My husband, Mark, went straight out and fired up the four wheelers and motorcycles, along with the rest of our neighbors. Yep, we live in a 4-wheelin', wood choppin', dunebuggy kind of community. :)
They were out until 5:00 last night, and are up and at 'em again this morning. I did take a few turns today with the sled...even while the kids weren't around. :)

Happy Sledding Y'all!!

My oldest, Addison, on his 4-wheeler.

Our boxer, Lila, loves to eat the snow!

My mom & I taking a spin on the 4-wheelers.  I'm driving- look out!  Possible that I might've crashed one before. :)

My boys, Addison & Avery, and their neighbor friends, just posin'.

My sweet girl, Arden, who also has a yucky cold...but we can't miss out on the snow!

Max, our other dog, pullin' up in the "drive-thru" for a quick pet.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NEW FOR 2011

So the Christmas break was wonderful!  We enjoyed time with our family, Santa was good to the kids, and we enjoyed the snow both here in Acworth and up in the Blue Ridge mountains.  Today the boys went back to school, and Arden goes back to her dance class.  Mark is gone to work, the house is clean, and so I guess that means it's time for me to get back to it. 
I have all kinds of new ideas up my sleeve, and can't wait to get started on all of it.  As I get new things out, I'll post them, but here's a few new things for 2011 that have been waiting for their "debut" :).


How perfect are these?!?  Hang your earrings in the ribbon slots, bracelets and small necklaces on the small hooks, and longer necklaces or scarves on the big hooks. 

I'm also making one for my daughter's hairbows and accessories...they can really be used to hold many different things!


So, over Christmas break I got a request to try out a faux stained glass piece...and I took the challenge.  It was actually pretty fun, so I figure I'll try them out on some windows soon as well with different designs.  This order was done on just the glass alone that was custom cut to fit their already-existing bathroom window.  They wanted a way for the light to still come through, but block any potential stalkers (ok, they didn't say stalkers :)) from getting a full view of them. 


Send me your photos, I'll artistically edit them in some form (many effects to choose from), and put them in a window for display.  These are my brother's dogs (we're all boxer lovers) in which he is obsessed with...:)  I took basic pictures, cropped and edited them with a few different effects and voila!  They look like really cool ink sketches!  He and my sister-n-law were so happy when they opened their present on Christmas! 


So I've done several of these already, but they're worth mentioning again since they're just so cute.  Any size, any saying, any color.


Since I'm always on the lookout and gaining more knowledge about antiques, vintage items, recycled items, and just dadgum good sales, I have been picking up a few things along the way and will have them available on the website and Facebook.  If I find a good deal, I'll pass it right on to you.  There's not much better than the feeling of knowing you got a good deal on something.  It may be something really old, maybe something new that I couldn't pass up on the price...ya never know what I'll find.  So stay on the lookout for some bargains.


Ever since my kids were little I stopped buying the studio portraits and started taking the pictures myself.  I felt I could better capture who my kids were as well as have some much better-lookin' backgrounds from nature.  Since starting with my kids, I've been asked many times to take pictures of other kids and families throughout the years, adding to my "portfolio" that I didn't know I was gonna need.  Since I love doing it, and have been doing it I figured why not add one more thing to the list of services from Erin's Attic. :)  To see other pictures, go to the Facebook album "Family & Kids Photography" where I put a gallery up.  If at any point this year you want some pictures done, I now have sessions available starting at $35 for 30 minutes and a CD with rights to the pictures and they go up from there depending on your family's needs.

So, there's just a few new things for 2011 that were already in the makings in December.  Can't wait to dive into the new year with lots more things to keep your eye out.  Suggestions are always wanted as well!

If you've made it this far down :), please sign up to become a follower of this blog.  I will be holding a contest for my blog followers this month.  More details to come.