Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just the start...

So I'm not much of a writer...basically, I hate it.  BUT, I've had a few people lately who have suggested this whole blog while I may not post often or they may not be very long, I figure I'll give it a shot. 

Don't worry- this won't be a diary, and I definitely won't be posting my "feelings" on here. :)  But I do have lots of money-saving tips and between me and my husbaind, we have a bunch of other creative things floating around up in the "attic" so we might as well share and along the way enjoy some tips, projects, & suggestions from you guys as well!

If you haven't visited my website already, you should. :)  It's

So I started Erin's Attic in January... my husband is in contracting and would always bring home doors, windows, and a bunch of other "stuff" that we have enjoyed reusing or repurposing.  If you know me well, you know I love my "stuff."  I'm kind of a packrat to some degree...I get rid of things, but I love to "collect" things that I MIGHT need in the future.  :)  So, my husband gave me a storage shed that I have now turned into "the workshop" and I use it for all my Erin's Attic supplies...and Christmas decorations...and tubs of other fun stuff.  I've had windows in my house for years as decor, some are plain and some had pictures in them.  I even have some really vintage ones stored away to make some sort of furniture in the future. 
So I have been working extra hard the last couple months to get the business off to a great start...and it is!  I have had lots of great feedback and many sales, so I only pray that it will grow and grow in the near future.

OK, so I'm tired of typing for now...gotta break in slow. :)  But keep on the lookout for some fun ideas, tips, & projects in the near future.  Please feel free to post any fun tips or projects as well!  I'd love to hear them!


  1. From your English teacher BFF, I'm so proud. I look forward to your tips. You have already inspired me to be more crafty! I'm currently putting together a 3 canvas project that I will be painting myself - for that big wall in the bedroom! Trying to decide what I'll put across the three blank canvases I bought. Cool ideas floating around, just wondering if I can make them a reality!

  2. Ha- let's just make this clear that I will not type in complete sentences, I will have lots of .......'s in my sentences, but I will (unless it's an accidental typo) spell correctly!
    Yay! I'm proud of YOU about the canvases...and good for doing the group of 3! What are your ideas???